Alaska Cruise Discounts

October 9, 2008 10:14 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise discounts
What is a tried and true way to find discount tickets cruise Alaska?

Any scams should I consider?

Others have recommended the shoulder of the travel season (May, September) and I agree. Bring an extra warm layer, but everything will be less crowded, cheaper and freezing nights few really down to insects. I'd add: Consider "re-positioning" cruises. The May they get the barge to Alaska (from Mexico or Japan, etc.) and September to be recovered. They do not do as many tourist stops, but they stop in places few people get to (the Aleutian Islands, for example). Therefore tend to attract more experienced travelers and types of nature-study seeking to reach the places less traveled. Also consider the state Alaska Ferry system. Much cheaper and more flexible than the cruise lines. If you want a cabin, he set sail in the dates you select, just like the cruise ship. No swimming pools will have 5 meals a day 7 Sqaure, but will stop in the same cities. And beyond the fjords cruise itself, eagles and whales. The State Ferry is at its best if you are willing to bring a sleeping bag, sleeping on the solarium deck, heated and with all local and if you want a boat and go down three days or two weeks in Juneau or Ketchikan or Sitka and Haines, etc, you can board the next ferry travel in its direction without any additional cost. We have considered making friends I have done and will be released in a smaller boat as the ship's doctor. But you pay the full fee is probably cheaper for most People go to medical school .

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