Alaska Cruise Discount

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alaska cruise discount
If you've been on a cruise before …?

My husband and I would take a cruise, maybe Alaska. The target right now is unknown. None We've been on a cruise before. I have some questions for those who have been. Thanks everyone! Additional Information: I have 30 years, is 34 years, we have children and live in Ohio. 1) What cruise line do you prefer and why? 2) Where was your favorite destination? 3) When is the best time frugal book? 4) What is your favorite part about the cruise? 5) What you wish you had known ahead of time? 6) Can you save if you go with another couple (discount)? 7) Any other information you would like to add would be wonderful and appreciated!

I've been on about 20 cruises on 4 different cruise lines and also sailed to Alaska. So I'll say probably more than you want to know. This is what I say based on my experiences. First you should know that all cruise lines give you the best price for early bookings that are a year or more in advance. The Alaska cruise season is mid-May to mid September and the prices are lower for the cruise first pair and the last two of each season. So good news is that you are starting your cruise search process now. Special Cruise lines also list on their websites do look for those. The offers can often save a couple hundred per person over the price for the same accurate cruise on a different date. Second you should know that all cruise cabins are sold based on double occupancy and price list will be per person and based on at least two people going on the cruise. The price you pay will depend mostly on the type of accommodation you choose. There are four basic types of cabins on ships; – inside (no window) – the outside (a window or porthole), – balcony / terrace, and – suites. Royal Caribbean has some inside cabins on its Freedom and Voyager class have a window overlooking a waterfront shopping center in the interior. The FROM "prices you see is always an interior cabin. There are also some subcategories within each category with cabins on a higher deck, and / or a better location on the boat (central part) and / or cost are slightly larger more. As you navigate, pay attention to the square footage of the cabins. You may not want to pay more for the same size cabin on the top floor, or vice versa, pay less for the same cabin of a lower floor. The terms "handheld" and "stateroom" mean the same, the cruise industry prefers cabin. The standard cab than most people is generally between 175 and 200 square feet, roughly the size of a 9 by 12 feet in the household. Each cabin has two beds that can become a queen, a bathroom with a shower, a closet and some drawer space, TV and telephone, safe strong, a mini-refrigerator, and a life jacket for each passenger. You can book a cruise online, calling the cruise line, or through a travel agency by paying the minimum deposit will be between $ 250 and $ 350 per person for a cruise of seven days, depending on the cruise line. The minimum will be of a longer cruise, for example $ 450 per person for a cruise of 14 days. The balance will be approximately 60 days prior to departure date. But you can make periodic payments online or with the cruise line. I booked online and payments made on many occasions. I have listed below web sites the cruise lines operating from the average price of U.S. ports. These are the cruise lines that most people use. Some luxury lines are much more expensive with prices starting around $ 4,000 for a cruise of seven days. The lines that I have listed below will have cruises starting in the range $ 800 to $ 1,000 per person for a cruise of seven days, again depending on the date and cabin type selected. HOLLAND AMERICA CELEBRITY . ROYAL CARIBBEAN: NORWAY: PRINCESS ….. CARNIVAL: I have been on Princess, Celebrity, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean ships and can attest that they are good cruise lines. However, there are some differences. – The princess, Celebrity and Holland America have great ships are more elegant and reserved. Holland America has more senior citizens in their vessels have time crucero.-Carnival cruise first and young people who want to party, party, party. If that is what you are looking for then Carnival is the cruise line for usted.-Norwegian Cruise Line is good and I have been in many of its cruises. It is the line I wanted to go if you want to be more or less informal for your cruise group. They have formal nights, like other cruise lines, but no stress dressing, called "dress if they want" the Night.-Royal Caribbean caters most to families and has the best and most onboard activities. Many Royal Caribbean ships have things like ice skating, track roller blade, rock climbing wall, surfing on the boat in the "FlowRider, pool tables mini-golf field,. basketball full-size adults only pool and hot tub area called 'Solarium ". In my opinion Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have the web sites easier to use to find cruises and promotions. Regardless of the cruise line you choose, the things included are quite the same. The price of your cruise includes your cabin, all meals (including breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks and free room service) (you pay to eat at the specialty restaurants), all shows and entertainment, and complimentary use of all facilities on the ship. The things you have to pay are: Tips: This will amount to about $ 10 per person in your cabin per day, about $ 70 each for a cruise of seven days. When you check in at the pier will be created an on-board charge account for you to cover any and everything that can be bought on the boat. You will receive a cruise card ", which also serve as your room key and pass to get on and off the ship. At the end of the cruise to add the tip to your tab and you can pay by credit card or cash, your choice. ALCOHOLIC drinks and beverages: coffee, tea, milk, juice and lemonade and punch will be provided free, but you must pay for drinks (alcoholic beverages) and added a 15% gratuity to each drink of soft drink order. PHOTOGRAPHS: Cruise lines have a lot of pictures of you throughout the ship, in the dining room, and leave the ship in ports. These cost a lot, like $ 15 to $ 20 for most. TOURS / EXCURSIONS: You are not required to book tours and can be downloaded and in ports as much as you want. But the cruise line will offer many trips and they are expensive. These are listed on the website of cruise liner and can book well before the cruise and pay for them too. If you go to the Caribbean, most places you can enjoy a day trip or a taxi at the pier a much lower price on the boat. SOUVENIRS: Anything you buy in the nave of a gift shop or duty free shop goes on your pension account. The things you purchase at the cost you pay in cash or credit card. CASINO: If you plan to play in the ship that need money for that. OTHER: most lines cruises have what they call "specialty" restaurants where there is a reward / service charge. All other food on board is free and is not really necessary in the budget for food, you can not eat all the free food will be available. If you want / need to have your hair done, get a massage or a jacket or any spa service, you will have to pay for them. You can use the free spa gym, but great things at U.S. $. Ships now have internet cafe and some have WiFi, but not a fee for access to the Internet and is very expensive (like about $ 50 to $ 60 per hour). You cabin will likely have a minibar with soft drinks and snacks, have to pay for them (but no free room service 24 / 7). best I've found the best deals can be had by going directly to the cruise Web sites and line in search of their specials. Most have their specials prominently displayed on their homepage, but I found that Royal Caribbean and Carnival have Web's best sites for it. Another decision you have to do is where you want to cruise, Bermuda, Alaska, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico or Europe. In Short cruises usually 3-6 days go to Bermuda or the Bahamas. Go to Alaska Cruises, Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and Europe are 7 days or more. If you think you want go to the Caribbean in reality there are three basic types of itineraries. – Western Caribbean cruises typically go to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and a private island-Caribbean cruceros. lines East usually go to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, a private cruise line of the island and maybe another island of Tortola or Puerto Rico. If you have a lot of shops, then take a cruise with St Thomas as a stop on the port. St Maarten is also mainly the beach and shopping stop. – Southern cruise itineraries typically start in the Caribbean in Puerto Rico and go either to Aruba, Curacao and St. Thomas and St. Maarten, OR go to the southern Caribbean islands like Barbados, Grenada, Antigua, St. Lucia and perhaps St. Thomas and Or San Martín. The main difference between these two routes, in addition to the different islands, is the Aruba cruise has 2 "at sea" day non-stop port while the other port stops each day. If you go to Alaska there are also plenty of options for slightly different itineraries. Some Alaska cruises start in Alaska (Anchorage, Seward and Fairbanks) and others start in Seattle or Vancouver. Cruise step "inside" are usually 7 days, but you can do it! what is called a Crusie-tour can be 10, 12 and 14 days, is to travel by train and / or bus, either before or after the voyage across the ocean. So you have to look very carefully at your options for an Alaska cruise. You should not say to an agent who wanted an Alaskan cruise. Choose one or more of the cruise lines previously mentioned and the search for cruises to Alaska and look at all the options available to help you decide. I also suggest that as a novice cruiser click my profile and then click and read some of my "favorites" questions and answers that give much more information about cruising.

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