Alaska Cruise Deal Last Minute

July 3, 2008 12:44 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska cruise deal last minute
How I can get the cheapest fare on a cruise to Alaska?

Hello, we want to go on the cheapest 7 or 8-day cruise in Alaska in May or June 2010. We're both over 55 years. I found the cheapest cruise to date in Costco trip so far – $ 510 for an inside room in Holland, it seems to be highest over time. American Express is also offering the lowest prices. What is the best travel website to get the best deals to Alaska? So many people are confused. Any travel agents out there that knows how to get the best deal? What are the best day to travel take? We enjoy hiking, history, etc. We will travel by train to Seattle. I hope that the may 28 to 29 days leave. You can not go at the last minute. Do not worry about the inside of a room. Thanks for any help

The cheapest fares you can find is $ 599 in May and June. If I could find one for $ 510 that worked with my date, book me today. The most likely go up in price, not down. We went to Alaska on Holland America in 2008, and the best price we could find at the time of $ 750 per person for one night of 7 rountrip Seattle. The price you quote is actually a bargain. As for the other part of your question, I will try to give you some ideas considered. I am no authority on Alaska, but there are definitely things you can do on your own. The towns are small, and you can walk to a lot of things, or fix their own transportation. If you like things low key, such as museums, tourism, historical sites, there is much you can do on the cheap. In Juneau, we took a bus to Mendenhall Glacier. The cost is $ 14 per person (round trip) and you can come and go more or less when you want with MGT (see link below). They have buses running the route constantly. We use them in 2008 and worked wonderfully. Reservations are recommended. It was an interesting and cheap trips. We did the Mount Roberts Tramway, but certainly could do it yourself too. There is also the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, which costs only $ 5 per person. Near State Museum is a small hole in the wall pizza place called Bullwinkle. It's a real kind of place Alaska, not very touristy, but we like places like that. I can not comment on Skagway, since no we have to go with Holland America. I've heard great things about the train from there. In Ketchikan, we walked to the Totem Heritage Center, which is an interesting museum Alaska Native carvings and totems. It's a pretty good place and admission is $ 5. Nearby is a salmon hatchery that also rehabilitates injured bald eagles. They have eagles is that you can almost touch. The hatchery was free or very cheap, as I recall. In Sitka, the Sitka National Historical Park is an easy walk ten minutes from the boat. We pay $ 4 per person …. There is something very easy to do. Have a nice hiking trail through the woods and along the water. We saw the salmon and the eagles in the wild. good day. We took the cruise line two hours bus ride from Victoria, British Columbia since we were there for such a short time, but not really recommend. We spent a couple of hours driving, when the city could have been better for ourselves. You can take a bus at the pier that leads to downtown. I think it was $ 5 or $ 10. The parliament buildings in Victoria are beautiful … it would be fun to hang around that area for a while and explore. For more ideas, I recommend the Moon Handbooks guide to Alaska by Don Pitcher. It is 500 pages and is a great guide to the places he goes. It has photos, maps, prices, historical data, much information. You can buy it on for just a couple of dollars. He added much to our trip, and left us with lots of ideas for the next time. is another great place to get more information before you go. If you are not familiar with Seattle, is a wonderful city, and there are tons of things to see in Washington as well. We spent a week in Washington before leaving Alaska … I recommend it if you have extra time. Feel free to email with any questions. Good luck!

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