Alaska Crab Fishing Job

November 9, 2008 2:14 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska crab fishing job
Where I can apply for jobs in Kodiak Alaska fishing?

Giong Im saving money to move to Kodiak in Alaska and ask me about any work fisheries that are there and where they apply. After making more money, I'm going to apply for jobs on crab in the Dutch port, but I know it very expensive, so I want to live in Kodiak for a while. Any link where I can apply for jobs as a fisherman in Kodiak?

It's just not that easy. No links or applications, and fisheries (crabs Esp) jobs are hard to find. Your best bet is to go to the Dutch port or a fishing port and look for work on the docks. Work your ass off for a season or two doing grunt work at one of the factories or as a dock hand. Maybe even get into one of the floating fish factories. After a time making connections, then maybe you can remove a fishing job.

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