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"The greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people!"
James Inhofe-

Thanks to a U.S. senator frank, the world is being created directly on climate change. Working tirelessly to block Capitol Hill holding Al Gore as part of a seven-continent "Live Earth" concert tour intended to rally the world in happily address global warming out of control, the Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe speaks with the conviction of those who deny the Holocaust when he calls climate change " greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people! "

at least since 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Iranian threat, Bush Terror War on Terror, and closing the curtain constitutional Patriot Acts 1, 2 and 3. [The Hill Mar 28/07]

Apparently, without fear of facing environmental future trials of Nuremberg-style, who denies climate change as the National Science Teachers Association have refused 50 000 movies Gore Free Oscar-winning "An Inconvenient Truth" in fear of alienating large corporate sponsors such as Exxon and the American Petroleum Institute, which publishes expensive newspaper ads ridiculing melting glaciers, while gently providing "materials" as the color of coal classroom books and videos by saying, "You Can not Be Cool without fuel."

That means you, Mr and Mrs Penguin.

Still, it is difficult debate to destabilize a glacier 10,000 feet thick. With sea levels and melting polar ice sheets techniques in the upper limits of projections 30 years, another 500,000 square miles of Arctic sea ice melted, and Alaska's glaciers threaten turning off the winter, the warming Gulf Stream by settling more than 13 billion gallons of meltwater into the ocean in the world every year, and Greenland rapid melting of ice 2,000 kilometers solid increase in melting rate in the last five years from one meter per year on a counter of a month, and polar bears drowned a hundred miles offshore in search of icebergs in retreat some 300 miles and thousands of Canadian harp seal pups experiencing 100% mortality of the same lack of ice, and the first month of 2007 3.4 ° F warmer than any ever recorded in January, and snow cover that serves as drinking water Seattle and the Pacific Northwest to the reduction of bare rock, and more than a quarter of the western United States or in serious or exceptionally serious drought Arizona cactus dying from lack of water … it is undeniably clear that Inhofe is right: the planet can not be heated! Reuters [Mar 23/07, CBC August 3, 04/20 August, the BBC Radio 4 August 05/07; Independent October 2 / 05; Knight Ridder News Service July31/03; New York Times Mar 10/06;; www.realclimate .] Org

In addition, an increase of 18-inch sea level to see the salt water flows into the Sacramento River delta, destroying the drinking water for 23 million Californians. A sea level rise will 20 feet Spread half of Florida under water, including Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, along with the new World Trade Center memorial in Manhattan, and much of Washington DC, where Senator Inhofe is busy blocking the discourse on climate change as an inspiration, dance and music. [Seattle Post Intelligencer-Mar 11/07; July28/04 BBC]

In more than 180 countries, one in ten people on the planet could soon be laughing on the deception of change climate while swimming inside. Fortunately for U.S. lawmakers as Inhofe, only one of these countries is the United States. The rest, China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, Thailand and the Philippines are non-white populations in the most expendable material not buying much of the United States, which now produces mostly sucks, the weapons and war. [Inter Press Service Mar 28/07]

Meanwhile, the rapid melting and sliding sliding ice sheet Greenland does not know is a lie and is ready to raise sea levels 20 to 30 meters, while further south in the interior West Antarctic glaciers uncovered the ice shelf calving Larson rush to add another 20-feet or so to the delusion of rising sea level. On the East Antarctic melting … think in relocating to a mountain top with a spring in his front yard.

On board of a planet that is much more ocean Earth, the giant buffer salt water covering 70% of its surface is absorbing half of our carbon madness every day. This is not as good because all this hot water is helping to create vast dead zones with no fish on the coasts of California and Oregon every year for the past five years. Dead zones are also blooms in the waters off Chile, Namibia and South Africa. Almost 50% of the world's fisheries are in these areas. February [BBC News 7.17]

Worse, to contribute to a deposit of 25 million tonnes of carbon in the world One Ocean every day, we're seeing a reaction resulting carbon being converted rapidly across this great desert aqueous acid. [August 13/04; Agence France-Presse July 05/20]

And the 25 million tons per day of acid making are increasing rapidly.

Meanwhile, the global warming hoax as strident opposition by Senator Inhofe means that temperatures in eastern Europe are an average of 8 degrees Celsius above normal, even though they are. Canada the average is more than 5 degrees warmer than normal, and plagued by fraud Siberia is 9 ° F warmer than usual. [Agence France Presse, February 16/07, February 16/07 AP]

This is a cry, because the world's largest frozen peat bog spanning a million square miles through a permanent frozen permafrost of western Siberia. Warming faster than anywhere else in the world, this time bomb tundra contains several hundred million tons of methane which, if thawed for a few Cheap flights to Mexico, could be burped like a giant cow fart in an atmosphere already dangerously overloaded with fast food flatulence bovine. [ August 05/11]

The thing is that every little molecule of methane released into the atmosphere sunshielding destroys millions of ozone molecules. And despite the mockery of depletion of the ozone layer, last year 11 million square ozone hole over Antarctica miles was the largest ever recorded, with the absence local ozone often reaches 99%. No means no more ozone plankton means that there is no more oxygen and no more fish. [National Foundation Media Sciences December 17/03; / om.htm, Agence France-Presse December 06/26]

Another thing is, one molecule of methane traps also 21 times more heat than carbon dioxide molecule miserable. [EPA]

Suddenly, hopefully, driving next to Burger King may not seem as urgent as leave the key in all the details on either call. Because about a further increase of two or three degrees of global temperature could release more methane tundra trap heat at the same time that all the carbon emitted during the last 100 years. Sun [Baltimore December 04/16]

But As calls for Inhofe, relax and throw another log on the fire. The good news is that the latest alarming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change projections showing a range "higher" temperature increase of about 11 ° F at the end of this century, based on trends of carbon burning in places like the U.S., Canada and China turn out to be nonsense.

The bad news is that 1,200 of the top atmospheric scientists in the IPCC the world forgot about the factors Methane emissions on land, they are "emptied at an alarming rate," according to Chris Freeman of the University of Wales. Apparently uninformed that methane levels and increasing three times faster than CO2 is a hoax, a scared Freeman exclaims: "It's a vicious circle. The problem is getting worse, more and more fast "as more heated atmosphere methane releasing more methane and so on. [National Science Foundation press release 17/03 December; August 05/11]

Even with the terrible tundra factor, panic oceanographers warn that only a few degrees of ocean warming could release a further 2,000 million tonnes of methane into the atmosphere. That's a lot. In fact, it is sufficient to trigger a sudden "destabilizing event" even worse than a scorned wife.

Not going to like. A NASA study confirmed that 55 million years ago a similar huge burp methane under the instant hot water Earth's atmosphere at up to 13 ° F in a few decades. This dilapidated a large number of fins, feathers and fur lives, disrupting the climate worldwide for more 100,000 years.

About 200 million years before that, another series of releases of methane was about to erase all life on a space colony called Earth alone. As oxygen levels plummeted and organic life teeter-tottered on the brink of extinction, over 94% of marine species went the scale off the planet. It took between 25 and 100 million years for coral reefs and forests to regrow in its previous range.

For those of us who do not expect anything like as an interruption could be extremely aggravating.

All cycles are NO bicycles
These Great Extinction events, and heating and cooling cycles and periodic episodes are what people like Inhofe and his neighbors and colleagues mean when they say change climate is "cyclical." They are right. But not the way they mean.

For example, about 12,700 years ago temperatures average in the North Atlantic region abruptly plummeted nearly 5 ° C and remained so for 1,300 years. The Younger Dryas is the name of a wildflower of Arctic cold lovers who flourished during this time in the U.S. and Europe regions where icebergs extended as far south coast of Portugal today.

Another abrupt warming took place about 1,000 years ago, which allowed travelers Nordic resolve a green land of the north. Three centuries later, the Nordic abandoned their Greenland settlements when the sudden cold weather, with even more profound agricultural, economic and political impacts in Europe. In USA, the American Revolution was aborted by climate change almost faster than Washington was fighting for its scantily clad troops in the snowy peaks of Delaware.

"Rapid changes in ocean circulation are linked to these abrupt climate changes," Robert Gagosian, president and director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, said the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2003. "A growing body of evidence showing the links between climate change related oceans, 'mega droughts and precipitous collapses of civilizations, including the Akkadian empire in Mesopotamia 4,200 years ago, the Mayan empire in Central America makes 1500 years, and the Anasazi in the southwestern United States in the late 13th century.

Now a lot more people could experience that same excitement again. In May 2005, climate change researcher Peter Wadhams, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, led upward sonar under the Arctic ice cap Royal Navy submarines and ships of correlated measures "across the Greenland Sea to detect that one of the two heat pumps" driving the current Gulf had weakened to less than a quarter of its former strength.

"Until recently we would find giant 'chimneys' in the sea, where columns of cold, dense water sinks from the surface to the seabed 3000 meters below, but have now almost disappeared, "said Wadhams." As the water sank was replaced by warm water flowing from the south, which keeps the circulation going. If that mechanism is slowing, it will mean less heat reaching Europe. "

Today, the powerful Gulf Stream, which bathes Britain and northern Europe in warm waters brought from the tropics has decreased by 30% in the past twelve years. According to the British press, "The Gulf Stream provides the equivalent of 1 million power stations-worth of energy to northern Europe, supporting temperatures of 10 C in some regions. Ireland, Britain and northwestern Europe are in the same latitude as Siberia. "The closure of the Gulf Stream" radiator "could lead to a century or more of non-frost-free days in northern Europe, the UK and the U.S. Atlantic coast, at a time when the submitted end of cheap oil and fuel oil skyrocketing costs of food transport. [The Sunday Times (Ireland) May 8 / 05; December Guardian 5.1]

Although unusually violent solar eruptions are not linked to these major climatic events, meltwater cold north and methane emissions caused by volcanic mass eruptions. In a world driven by Gaia closely interconnected feedback mechanisms to maintain the habitability of narrow margins of mammals, volcanism can somehow be cyclical.

But human beings are cynical. And our rejection is much more dangerous. As a geologist from the U.S. government John Atcheson observes: "Human beings seem to be able to emit carbon dioxide in quantities comparable to the volcanic activity that started these chain reactions." According to U.S. Geological Survey, the burning of fossil fuels in cars, airplanes, boats, wood stoves and power plants release more than 150 times the amount of volcanic carbon dioxide "the equivalent of almost 17,000 volcanoes the size of Kilauea in Hawaii." Sun [Baltimore December 04/16]

Inhofe said that over 700 million cars and trucks engines manage a thin atmosphere as eggshell-enclosed garage are not any affecting anything. [Independent DEC 6 / 03, Globe and Mail Apr11/98]

Atcheson, says: "Once these methane emissions really cooking, it is likely to play all the way. "[] Independent 06/03 December

dioxide emissions carbon from shipping are increasing at an alarming rate and could increase by up to 75% in the next 15 years unless we stop buying junk Wal-Mart cheap in China and similar emporia insistence charcoal consumption. Sending all this traffic to deliver toys and oil consumers is almost double the total emissions of Great Britain and more than all African countries together.

For anyone who still believes in personal responsibility and stop future of children "governments ruled by corporate interests, more than 200 million tons of carbon emissions of 70,000 steamboats that fall forever in the Kyoto agreement or any proposed European legislation. Few studies have been made of vehicles carrying 90% of our goods not so over thousands of kilometers of sea.

"Buying local" acquires a new urgency and appropriateness of 20,000 new ships on order and on-board emission direction more than one million tons per day in 2020. Mar [Guardian 3.7]

Apparently, still no idea that climate change is a delusion, 409 mayors have signed a climate protection agreement requiring cities to reduce greenhouse emissions, and 29 states have passed laws limiting greenhouse gases. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also trying to end world, the warming at the top of the first state imposes in emissions of greenhouse gases to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020.

On Monday, the governors of Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico announced a regional agreement on climate change.

On Thursday, temperatures rose to its highest level at 11 March locations throughout Japan-Senate hearings examined these state and local programs as models for federal legislation. [Kyodo News Mar 30/07]

On Sunday, Vice President Al Gore won an Academy Award for his must-see documentary on global warming.

As they made their astonishment Saki Japanese flower cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo sweltering under temperatures in July-like, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels told the Senate Environment and Public Works: "We are taking difficult decisions. We are investing the money of our taxpayers. We are transforming our cities into laboratories for climate protection. In summary, we making a difference, and lay the groundwork for strong federal policies and programs. "

Calling on Congress to approve a plan which calls for a hard cover and reduced in emissions, insisting that "Nickels that cities and states should be eligible for federal grants to fund its innovative programs and research." We need the federal government to assume a leadership role now so that we go beyond basic innovation is flourishing in every state in the country "He said.

However, the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan and is preparing to fly to Iran, Syria, North Korea, Canada and, possibly, if not fork on the rest of our natural gas, oil and fresh water for SUVs and desert golf courses, remains empty nearly every shekel-er,-dollar economy U.S.. As Truthout Environment Editor of Kelpie Wilson notes, the anticipated cost of the slaughter in Iraq "will be at least a trillion dollars. The cost of installation Solar energy is currently around $ 9 watts, so $ 20,000 would buy a 2.2 kilowatt solar energy. That's enough power for a home with modest needs to spin the meter backwards much of the time. A billion dollars would a system like the 50 million ceiling. "[ Mar 29/07]

With the real increase taking place in Baghdad but around the world, as current levels of greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane gas in the upper atmosphere jumped at any time in the last 650,000 years, worldwide carbon emissions rose last fuel 900 tons each second, Senator Inhofe said brave fight any proposal based on the California model that is already traffic reduction, de-stressing lives of people and put more fuel dollars saved in his pockets.

"Let's be honest about what these programs and proposals friend here in Congress really are, "Inhofe said." They are the largest tax increase in U.S. history. In fact, are worse than taxes. "[Seattle] Mar 07/02 Post-Intelligencer

Was the Oklahoma senator perpetrate their own deception? By becoming the first local government in the United States to address climate change in 1993, the city of Portland has already made impressive reductions in carbon emissions below 1990 levels, in full swing, while in smiles, improving health and saving cash.

"People have looked the wrong way, like a leak," Mayor Tom Potter said patiently, after parking their hybrid Prius. "It's really something that attracts people. It is inexpensive. It makes sense in dollars."

Portland has led the way into a more fun, less carbon future by installing two light rail lines and a streetcar system, and 750 kilometers of track for bicycles. As a result, another 10 in every hundred people have left their cars and are happy chained dangerous for walking and cycling. Mar [Guardian 7.5; February Washington Post, 27/07]

Flipping the switch OTHER
The "DO NOT CROSS" threshold of a temperature rise of two degrees should be avoided at all costs even if it means turning off computers, TVs and other devices in tens of thousands of showrooms and similar appliances not actually in productive use at the office or at home.

Why not change the global warming was now?

And put the savings in cash in your pocket?

And perhaps not work as hard to keep these machines running. Even when you think you're off. What could be the greatest hoax of all.

"The number one is to turn things on when not in use, "says Wilson." Seventy-five percent of the electricity used to power electronics is consumed at home while the products are turned off. Across the U.S., this equals the annual output of 12 power plants and costs consumers more than 1 billion year. Buy a power strip so you can regain control over the loads of these vampires'. " Bulbs are also crucial. The lighting is 25 percent of electricity use in the U.S.. CFLs use about one third of the energy of incandescent bulbs. Mar [ 7.29]

Another large blind spot is that in North America are often blocked by our mesmerizers media and cultural conditioning in the thought that what we see and hear around us is the way things are everywhere.


Flip on the Internet, buy a copy of The Economist News, chat with a visitor and the great and joyful news is that 95% of global humanity does not live here and are not subject to the bleating Senators as I am ignorant of local rivals and pretenders presidential and Cheney, Wolfowitz, I mean, I mean Perle, JINSA I mean, I mean Bush.

Europe is moving fast fast fast to wean itself off an addiction kind limit carbon. This is Scandinavia. Big Bad China Even amid frenzy of its coal power-plant-a week- being recognized global danger and trying to put in the carbon brakes, while the deployment of windmills, electric bikes and the paradigm shift-Batteries lithium amounts actually Chinese.

Across the ocean warming in the other direction, to prevent further temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius more polar melting and catastrophic methane release, the German government headed by a woman calls on industrialized countries to cut emissions of greenhouse gases at least 20% in 2020, and 60% in 2050. [] Independent 06/03 December

That would help. A quick 90% low-carbon diet could prevent calamities.

With targets and incentives, such as this, opportunities for personal creativity, long-desired changes in lifestyle, and entrepreneurship are amazing!

"Now is our chance to develop the American lifestyle of low consumption. The Japanese use half the energy that we do and still maintain an opulent lifestyle. Many countries do the same. We can look to Japan and Europe for models, but we can do it our own way, "says Wilson-Kelpie while turning his family fully equipped, but be careful of Oregon house with solar panels and a micro-power generator for 11 months.

After thousands of hours of meticulous research, this writer can say definitively that climate change is not is happening.

Forget "climate change." The gradual warming of the Earth, which sounds really inviting North tremble Hemispherians-no makes sense.

We're really past climate change. Now we are experiencing rapid climate change.

And if we do not cover out unnecessary car and traveling on airplanes, appliances, light switches, non-compliant politicians and the television-driven power in this moment that could Climate Flip the switch tripped.

This means we, Mr. and Mrs. North America. As Flavia Nunes at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, points out, the main conclusion from ice core samples and the geological record is that "the earth is a system that can change very quickly "once an enclosed, the atmosphere is saturated with effluent recirculation trap heat in our wealth. [Christian Science Monitor Jan 6.26]

The encouraging news is that the climate shift is causing a concomitant change of consciousness. A lifeboat mentality is beginning to shift our out of place "me first" conditioning and sinks the period in which all could collapse if our spaceship Earth founder on the reefs no carbon methane, but our own denial.

The answer to the main driver of the transformation still enjoyed by lovers of hominids challenge-and cooperation ultimately, is so simple and immediate, such as changing our minds.

So why not pull the plug, jump on his bike, and visit a friend or your local farmer's market right now? The lesson liberating climate change is that we can move as quickly away from fear, guilt, loneliness and stress tape bondage credit card to enjoy true "freedom" as masters of our destiny in a support and approval of the community.

[The author has shut down its bars non-essential electric power, cast off his old truck, and are turning their energy to the recumbent bike power.]

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My 30-minute video documentary Eco War won the 1991 US Environmental Film Festival award for “Best Documentary Short”. Excerpts from this “front-lines” chronicle of a three-man environmental emergency response team in Kuwait aired in an eight-part CBC Gulf War mini-series, and have been shown on CNN and NBC television, as well as Noam Chomsky’s feature film, “The Corporation”.

During and immediately after the Gulf War, I served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team.

Winner of four Canadian feature-writing awards, I am the author of Days Of Deception: Ground Zero and Beyond; All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion, Scorched Earth, Bringing The War Home, Alt Health, Stand Down, Dialing Our Cells: Cell Phone Health Hazards and the recently updated Chemtrails Confirmed.

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