Alaska Climate Map

February 27, 2010 6:55 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska climate map
I have to do a report on the State Of Alaska 4 know any good sites with good information?

need.if this is what you can to help find bu sites or personal opinion or whatever, I would appreciate it and publicize it so much.I 10 points.thank need: 1.Map Of Alaska (major rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, capital etc.) 2.pic state flag, bird and flower (i can find this on my own, because I have to draw it, but if there is a good place to give me a link) 3.geography, climate, history, agriculture and industry in the state (i need to write in my own words on these topics 1-3 paragraphs) 4. 10 sites visit (and a brief history of the places) 5. famous people (at least 5, and also information about what they did) and some idea to make my presentation I sac an A would welcome.thanks much!

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