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alaska car rental

Ten top tips for car hire

Top 10 Tips Car Rental

Remember when people rented cars mainly holiday for transport? These days, things have changed. The car rental industry has grown by leaps and bounds, the latest estimates available (For 2008) put the car rental revenues annually in a whopping $ 21.9 billion. Airport rentals have historically been the main driver of revenue, but this segment has remained fairly constant over the last decade and a half, the industry growth is due almost entirely to the explosion of "the" town house rental market – renting a neighborhood location.

Those renting from different points of the neighborhood do so for many reasons. Some need an extra-large truck to move around the city. Some need a comfortable carrier for a cross-country road trip family or a weekend Buying of furniture. And others yearn for a glamorous high-end cruise for a night full of fun.

If you are a tenant or a city's airport tenant home, we have a list of tips designed to help your rental car experience as painless as possible for your bank account.

1. Surf the net. As is the case with many purchases, usually you will find the best prices online. Shop around. Buy line will afford to see what the rates appear on any vehicle your heart desires without the inconvenience of having a salesperson breathing down your neck. In addition, Many companies offer special discounts to people who rent online. Prices obviously vary from company to company, depending on the availability of vehicles, location and other factors. But rates are not the only variable to consider. Please note hours of operation, for example, some companies may close earlier on weekends. Depending on your schedule, this could be a crucial issue for you.

2. Go weekend. Rates are usually cheaper on the weekends. In a society we are studying, you can rent a subcompact on a weekday for $ 64.99. When we opted for a weekend rental, the figure dropped to a much more reasonable $ 22.99. If you have some flexibility in their rented opt for the weekend rental. Your pocketbook will be eternally grateful.

3. Weekly oneself. Weekend rates are great, but weekly rates are usually the best. In a society that study, a subcompact was for a fee from Monday to Friday 56.99 dollars. The same car can be rented on a weekly basis for only $ 252.99, a saving of more than 30 percent if the vehicle was used for the seven days, and more than 10 percent if they returned after five days. If you plan to use the vehicle for five days or more, choose the weekly rate.

4. Think twice before insurance. When renting a car, will be offered a collision damage waiver (CDW) and a waiver for loss, damage (LDW). The first covered in a collision, while the latter covers any loss to the rental company. Both types of coverage are a good idea, but if they are not already included duplicate coverage on your own insurance policy. Most insurance policies offer liability coverage to protect themselves in case of injury to someone in an accident, and some also cover damage to rental cars through the comprehensive and collision coverage. Check your policy or call your insurance agent to verify coverage before enrolling in a vehicle. If you are renting the car with a credit card, your card provider may pay for vehicle damage associated with an accident. Check with your card company ahead of time to make sure.

There is a caveat. The collision damage waiver, dedicated a "loss of use", the charge levied by the rental car company to cover his loss of income when the vehicle is out of service. In most states, insurance policies do not cover this loss, so if you have an accident, you may end up having to pay this fee out of pocket. The states in which the loss of use is covered in car insurance policies are: Alaska, Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island and Texas. Unless you live in one of these states, the resignation may be a good idea.

5. Book early. Not just a cliché; birds really early birds get the worm, and usually get much cheaper than others. Rates depend on how many vehicles the company has in the lot at the time of the car, so sooner is better. Book your car at least one week in advance.

6. Think twice about prepaid gas. Normally, Tenants have two options when it comes to fuel: You can pay for a full tank of gas in advance and bring the car back empty (or less than full), or you can choose to refuel itself just before returning it. The car rental companies suggest that the prepayment will add convenience and that the low rates offered will save you money. Well, they're right in the first part, but wrong in the second. Prepayment is a convenience, if you want to save the hassle of a trip to the gas station or avoid last minute rush when you're trying to make a plane, pay away. But unless you intend to use the whole tank gas, paying in advance will make you pay more fuel than they have been consumed. From a financial standpoint, paying in advance is a bad idea unless you are absolutely sure that we will use a full tank.

7. Watch out for updates on larger vehicles. Sometimes, car rental companies will offer free upgrades to larger vehicles. They do it mainly deals tend to be in high demand. This discount rate may seem like a better price for you, the tenant. If having a larger vehicle will actually improve your rental experience, then take the upgrade. But if you have no need real extra space, it is cheaper to decline. Larger vehicles burn more gas, so the "free" upgrade is not really free – you therefore end up paying at the pump.

8. Steer clear of airport pickups. Picking up a rental car at the airport may be more expensive because taxes and fees. Try looking at places nearby neighborhood to save money. A recent study showed that Travelocity rent at an airport costs more than 11.5 percent more on average than the rent in a neighborhood. Texas airports were the main culprits, but airports in states like Arizona, Ohio, Maryland, Missouri and New Mexico also cost renters more in taxes and fees.

9. Have children? Seat em 'yourself. If you travel with a little one, you can save some exchange for bringing their own child safety seat. Inspect a rental company charged about $ 10 per day for rental of the child safety seat. Obviously, this can turn a significant amount on your car rental costs, so if you can, bring your own child safety seat. If you are renting a van, however, we know that some rental trucks include integrated child safety seats at no extra cost.

10. Join the club. Many of the larger companies offer club membership in which members pay an annual fee in exchange for certain benefits and privileges. These clubs can save money with benefits like days free rent and airmiles, but probably only see savings if you are a tenant frequently. If you fall into this category and used vehicles hire more than occasionally, go dancing.

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