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March 14, 2008 5:57 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska bus tour
Information about fishing?

I'm going on a cruise, when you find transportation Port and fishing spots. Who really knows, definitely not the cruise ship or travel. Basically looking for any local and help around Seattle on 8 / 12, Vancouver on 8 / 13, Ketchikan 8 / 16 8 Juneau / 27 Skagway 8 / 28 and Anchorage, Alaska 8 / 21 ?????? INFO also agent in climate, clothing, bait, guides and tours? But I think the best information I've seen is in the Alaska Fish and Game website. However, transport does not explain or spotting fee. In a chat site, suggested a taxi and a bus and rent past a car? What do you know? Moroever where I can get better information, maybe a shop or a hotel, have any suggestions?

Earlier years, I went on a Western Caribbean cruise. When I got off the boat in Honduras, I asked a taxi driver he knew and took me to a place where I was fishing and snorkelling for $ 30. My next port of call was Belize. I did the same and I went on a boat and fish the mangroves and reefs. We also went snorkeling. All for only $ 35 per person. It was the best trip I've taken.

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