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Ajit Wadekar was the first train cricket team to India. He was the manager and coach of Indian cricket team from 1992 to 1996. John Wright was the first foreign coach of India.

  • WHAT A SUCKER ball in cricket?

When a bowler intends to tempt a batsman to score runs for a ball bowling that seems easy to hit and the batter hits the ball, but the results in their separation by either being perplexed, dumbfounded, or caught the ball as it is called a ball pump.

  • THAT HAS NOT batsman left out more often in ODIS CRICKET?

Michael Bevan of Australia has not been out more often in ODI cricket – 67 times in 196 innings of 232 games he has played. He has scored 6912 runs with an average of (53.58).

  • Who was the youngest winner of Wimbledon?

Swedish tennis legend Bjorn Borg was the youngest winner Wimbledon. At age 16, Borg was the Wimbledon junior champion in 1973. American Kathy Rinaldi, 15, was the youngest woman winner of Wimbledon (1981). Martina Hingis of Switzerland won the 1996 Wimbledon 15 years as well. At 17, Boris Becker won the men's singles title in 1985.


Twenty international cricket one day matches have ended in draws. Although Australia has been involved in most (8), the others are Pakistan (6), West Indies and South Africa (5), England, Zimbabwe and New Zealand (4 each) and India and Sri Lanka (3 each). Australia and South Africa have played four games linked.

  • Why not a discipline CRICKET in the Olympics?

Cricket is played only once, at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. Cricket is played only 10 countries at the highest level (although there are about 100 members of the International Criminal Court), which would normally disqualify from its inclusion as an Olympic sport. The International Olympic Committee claims mass participation is a necessity (at least 16 nations). The cricket was just another occasion of a meeting Multidisciplinary in the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur.


ODIs uniform colors were introduced in 1977 by Kerry Packer to the World Series in Australia matches are not official, although many cricketers world class took part. However, it was a revolution in itself. His legacy is a permanent change in the way the game is funded, seen, touched and felt. World Series pioneered three-cornered tournament, cricket night, floodlights, colored clothing, colored balls, drop-in pitches, microphones on the court and multitudinous

  • WHO has the record of winning the most Olympic gold medals for swimming?

In games 1972 Munich Olympics, Mark Spitz won seven Olympic gold medals, a feat yet, unparalleled by any other Olympic athlete. More surprising Moreover, Spitz set a new world record in each of the seven events – the 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 4 x 100 m style free, 4 x 200 meter freestyle and 4 x 100 m relay

  • In cricket, WHAT IS power play?

The original rules of ODIs said that during the first 15 credits, only two fielders should be allowed outside a circle of 30 meters around the pedestrian. This meant attacking batsman who was likely to score runs quickly in the first 15 credits, and to become more vigilant in the final spell. In an effort to keep the game more exciting during the middle acquisitions, the 15 blocks over fielding restrictions at the beginning of the entries is reduced to 10 and then the team captain fielding has to decide when to take your gardeners again by two blocks of 5 credits at any time he likes. These spells are more than 5 calls Powerplay 2 and Powerplay 3. (Powerplay 1 is the first block of 10).


For every 100 kilometers, 900 b / h in an F1 car uses 70 liters of gasoline. A computer uses about 1,200 liters of petrol for a weekend of Grand Prix.


The Protea flower with rose petals and yellow is the national flower of South Africa and therefore its cricket team is called the proteas. Similarly, the South African rugby team is called the Springboks, which is the animal nationals.

  • ANY PLAYER HAS been declared in cricket because he was late for the earth to BAT?

The Law 31 states that a batsman in cricket entry must be in a position to take guard or his partner to be ready to receive the ball with three minutes of the fall previous window. If this condition is not satisfied, the incoming batsman will be declared a "time out". The fielding side has to appeal to the window to be awarded. There is no known incidence of this in an international match. There are three cases, however, first-class cricket. H Yadav – Tripura vs Orissa at Cuttack in 1997 Vasbert Drakes – front the borders of East London Free State in 2002 and AJ Harris – Nottinghamshire vs Durham UCCE at Nottingham in 2003.

  • When was the Indo-Pak Cricket TEST first played?

India played Pakistan from October 16, 1952 in New Delhi Ferozeshah Koti to start pff test series for the first time. India won To test this, shift and works 70 to take the lead in the series of five games. While Lala Amarnath captained India AH Kardar led the Pakistan side. This was the beginning of a long and fierce battle for supremacy. Later this month, this "war by other means" continues with the tour of India to Pakistan.


Ball is a very fast ball game Basque derivation (spoken by the people who inhabit the Pyrenees in northern Spain and central region adjacent to the south west of France). Baseball is popular in Latin American countries and the U.S., where sports betting is. It is played by two, four or six players in a court of squash court walls and looks. Each player uses a long curved wicker basket or basket attached to the hand to throw the ball or the ball against the wall. jai alai has been a demonstration sport in Mexico and Barcelona.


The basic elements are: Contests may be announced for pursuit races with three or four skaters on each team. In both cases, the team's arrival time is determined as the time finishing third skater the computer. If fewer than three skaters in the team finish the race, the team is not considered to have completed the race and was disqualified. In the team pursuit races, the Both teams start simultaneously on each side of the track in the middle of the straights. If a skater of a team is disqualified under the rules, the disqualification applies for the team.


Developed in the 19th century, judo is a system Japanese struggle. It was developed from jiu-jitsu in 1882 by a Japanese educator. It is about developing the ability to use own weight op-tion and strength against him. The Techniques include throwing and grip. Judo wrestlers learn how to fall safely when they are released to help reduce injury. Aikido is (ai – harmony, ki – spirit, mind or universal energy, do – the Way) to the Way of Harmony with Universal Energy. Created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), is based on focusing bujutsu in self defense and spiritual growth. In aikido, an attack is avoided with flowing, circular movements and uses the attack, shooting, and especially non-resistance to meet their opponents.

  • WHAT IS THE METHOD VJD in cricket?

V Jayadev, an engineer from Kerala, has devised a method that has the backing of the board of India and will be discussed by the ICC Cricket Committee during its two-day meeting in Dubai on May 13 and 14. As the Duckworth-Lewis method, system Jayadeva (VJD method) also comes from an analysis of numerous one-day matches, the scores to predict and objectives patterns based on the score recorded the previous games.

  • WHEN THE CAMERA WAS USED IN STUMP international cricket?

The camera was installed the first trunk of the BBC in early 1990. Hitachi cameras are placed in the KP-D8s middle stump. It was a color camera that uses a 410 000 CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) with micro lens, and provided a horizontal resolution of 470 TV lines. Its size (42 cm cubic and 80 gms) allows insertion into the stump. If a camera is not enough, you can place two, one with a wide angle lens and another with an angle narrow, giving the network four different views.


The word acrobat, '"an artist who is skilled in feats of agility and balance. Frencn comes from the word "Acrobat" which derives from the Greek words Akrobat "(one who walks on tiptoes) and 'akrobatein' (walking on the stem of the feet).


The eight queen problem in chess is one in which a person has to place eight queens on a board chess in such a way that no queen can capture another queen at that point in time. For example, place the queens on the A8, B2, C4, dl, e7, f5, g3 and h6, respectively. There are a number of combinations (a fixed number, however) in which a person can put the queens in different positions and yet no queen can capture another queen.

  • WHEN was football first played?

football today has its origins in England. There are indications a game similar to soccer called shul or Soule came to England from Normandy, Brittany and Picardy, during the Norman Conquest. According to historical data, games like football is played in English public schools like Eton and Winchester colleges in the 16th century. A mid-19th century, children in public schools more or less formalized the rules of football, which became an organized activity. This gradually evolved into football as we know it today.

  • In football, WHAT IS THE SHOOTING falling leaf?

The vaccine against falling leaf is so called because the ball is deflected twice, and a falling leaf, during its flight towards the goal. The diminutive Brazilian striker 1950, 60, Manuel Francisco dos Santos Garrincha made the banana kick falling leaf and shot his own due to his genius. Garrincha earned the nickname Little Bird because of its low height and wide repertoire seductive free throw defenders of torment.


In 1951, a. Engineer Ralph Baer developed a game called Pong using the frame of video equipment. In 1958, William Higinbotham created a 'Tennis for Two', a game using an analog computer. The game never was patented and dismantled. Nolan Bushnell built an arcade game in 1969 using a television monitor rasterscan. He is known as the father of video games games. To be fun, video games are also used to help sick children manage pain and anxiety during hospitalization. Recently, Ethan Myers of Los Angeles made a partial recovery after a serious car crash, thanks in part to a video game system.

  • When was the Iditarod dog race HELD THE FIRST?

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race, also called the Iditarod "or" the last Great Race ', held in Alaska. It is part of Anchorage, in south-central Alaska and ends in Nome on the western coast of the Bering Sea. Each team of 12-16 dogs and their musher, covers over 1150 miles in about three weeks. The Id-itarod Trail Sled Dog Race first ran in 1973. The idea was conceived by Dorothy G Page in 1964 as part of Alaska Centennial celebrations Year in 1967.

  • WHAT IS THE world record for the deepest dive?

The world record for deepest dive is held by South African Nuno Gomes, an engineer with 52 years of age, who was released at a depth of 318.25 meters (1,044 feet). He was diving in the Red Sea on June 10, 2005 and broke the previous record of 313 meters set by Mark Ellyatt from Britain in 2003.

  • Who is known as the Queen's pole vault?

Yelena Isinbayeva (23) of Russia has been hailed as the queen of the pole vault. The world record holder has been virtually lost in the last three years. Yelena, who spends most of his time in Monaco and trains in Italy, was asked recently moved to Italy and represent six million dollars. However, she refused saying she would never betray his country and is still based in Volgograd, his hometown. She also approached by Roman Abramovich, the oil baron in the world to support the brand of oil, but did not materialize.


What Americans call soccer is called football in other around the world. So, if it is better to say that American football and British football are the same sport. The official name of the sport is Association Football and the international governing body FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association).

  • IF A batsman is out Legitimately, BUT NOT APPEAL gardeners are RULE THE UMPIRE


Law 27 says clearly that: The referee did not give a batter, unless appealed to the other party to be held before the bowler starting his run up measures to promote bowling. The next ball. According to Law 23.1 (f) (The ball is dead), the ball is dead 'more' is called, it nevertheless the invalidity of a call made before the first ball of the following provide more "time" has not been named as the Law 17.1 (Call of Time). Remember provided that an appeal should cover all forms of being out. (Law 27.2). Even if a batter out of his window on a misconception that he is out, But referee did not rule it under such circumstances, the referee should intervene if it considers that it is wrong (Law 27.5).

  • Who has won more pairs SKATING FREE TICKETS?

Andrea Brunett and Pierre Brunett has won the figure skating world four occasions – in 1926, 1928.1930 and 1932. Three couples have won three times – Ludowika Jacobson and Walter Jacobson (1911,1913,1924), Engelmanri Helen Berger and Alfred (1913,1922,1924) and Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev (1983,1985,1988).

  • WHEN THE CAMERA WAS USED IN STUMP international cricket?.

Theword-acrobafmeansaperformerwho is skilled in agility and balgance games. It comes from the French "word" Acrobat ", which is deprived of Akrobat the Greek words" (one who walks on tiptoes) and "akrobatein '(walking about the mother of the feet).

  • THAT WAS THE FIRST TO batsman called out by third umpire?

Sachin Tendulkar, on November 14.1992 in Durban against South Africa. Tendulkar, who had scored 11, watched the ball to backward point where Jonty Rhodes was fielding. Sachin attempted a quick single, but was returned by non-striker Ravi Shastri. Rhodes threw the ball to the stumps where Andrew Hudson, who had moved from the short leg broke the window. It was a close call to square leg umpire Cyril Mitchley Karl Liebenberg said third arbitrator to decide. The television replay showed Tendulkar is clearly exhausted.


Pattern comes from the Dutch word "Schipper" (literally "shipper.") pattern usually means a person who has a boat. In Naval terms, a skipper is responsible for the care and safety of the ship, boat, yacht or ship. This is the case of Captain too, but also Captain is also responsible for the care and safety of the crew. In sports, a bowling team captain. It is an informal title of a baseball manager and the captain of a football team.

  • Magic is a barrier in chess?

The International Federation Chess (FIDE) rating points for prizes chess players to indicate their relative skill level. This system is based on a general classification system Statistical called ELO. Accordingly, over the score, the better the player. FIDE tracks performances of the players continuously, and the ratings are reviewed periodically. Garry Kasparov was 2851, the highest score. Only four players – Kasparov, Kramnik, Topalov and Anand had a score greater than or equal to 2800, called the barrier magical. The term is an imitation of the sound barrier term, which is considered a difficult threshold to cross before reaching supersonic speeds.

  • WLIAT IS the coffin of a cricketer's?

Cricketer coffin is a term used in joke to the kit bags cricket players wear. The amount of paraphernalia made by them on tour makes these bags look like a coffin. It is also said that cricketers jokingly carry his coffin with them on all tours.


The Snickometer, although not used in adjudicating decisions, is a useful tool television follows the path of the cricket ball to pick up the sounds of tone and stump microphones. The Snickometer, invented by Englishman Allan Plaskett mid-90s, is used to display the sound from the stump microphones. The power of the microphone trunk is fed directly into the Snickometer which then represents the sound as a visual graphic. From that, viewers can tell if the ball hits a pad (a screen flat, dull) or hit the bat (much sharper picture) or just went through (flat line).

  • WHAT CARDS COLOR mean in football?
  • WHAT soccer war?

War soccer or football war was a six-day war fought by El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. There was little to do with football, but an attempt to resolve differences cultural. The fact that more aggressive Salvadorans were illegally emigrate to Honduras was the main cause of this war. It's called the Soccer War, since it began after a series of three disputed World Cup qualifying matches between them. El Salvador initiated hostilities when his army moved Honduras. After more than four days of fighting (which left 3,000 dead, 6,000 injured and caused $ 50 million in damages), a cease-fire was called under pressure U.S. and the Organization of American States. A peace agreement was not signed until 1980, and took a 1992 decision by the International Court of Justice to resolve boundary questions.

  • WHAT ARE THE BASICS sumo wrestling?

With its origins in ancient Japan, sumo competitions are marked by elaborate rituals. A sumo bout takes place between two fighters who belong to a group of rows compatible; the system classification has been in existence since time immemorial. The fight takes place in a circular area of 4.55 meters in diameter with a floor of mud and sand. Fighters can push, pull, slap, throw, and fight among themselves, but are not allowed to participate in kicking, pulling hair or speculation. If any part of the body of a fighter, with the exception of the soles of the feet, first touches the ground inside the ring, or if you cross the boundary of the ring, then he is declared the loser. A bout lasts half few seconds to several minutes.


A sport is a physical activity performed under a set of rules, with a recreational purpose: competition or self enjoyment or a combination thereof. A game is a recreational activity in one or more players, defined by a goal that the players try to achieve, and a set of rules to play. Games are primarily for entertainment or fun. The difference Unlike the way of sports gaming, combined with the notion of individual (or team) skill or dexterity.


N º WWE (formerly WWF) parties are fully organized an event for entertainment. WWE Superstars are fully informed of their parties, their results and movements, which have to use. The stars are always willing to let their bodies on the line for the sake of the WWE. Therefore, the conclusion is that the WWE, but a scene showing the extent of the results is concerned, is purely real when viewed from the standpoint of WWE superstars such as Gore and the lesions are really.


The parallel bars unequal requires strength, concentration, courage, coordination, accuracy and time splitsecond. The routine must move from low bar to high bar, which incorporates many changes of grip and regrasps reported, flight elements, changes of direction breaks and changes in circumference that passes through the position of the hand and foot. The entire routine should flow from one movement to another without pauses, extra changes or additional supports. Each routine must have two drive elements.

  • When Gymnastics was the FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP HELD?

The first World Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics was held in 1963 in Budapest, Hungary The competition features 28 athletes from 10 European countries. Rhythmic integral individual competition was added to the 1984 Olympics. Rhythmic group case was added as a medal sport at the Games in 1996. Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition Group consists of five athletes who work together as a team.


This is the quintessential Australian sport locally derived from a mixture of rugby and soccer Gaelic. It is played with 36 players (18 from each team) in an elliptical field, often referred to as an oval. First introduced in 1858 in Victoria, Australia, the game widely played in other countries like UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Papua, New Guinea and New Zealand. The game is distinguished from other types of football by the movement rapid and relatively free of the ball "(due to the absence of an offside rule) and the award of a free kick for any clean catch, known as a mark of a ball has been kicked more than 15 meters.

  • WHAT IS THE HIGHEST TOTAL scored by any team in cricket first class?

The highest total score of 1107 runs made by Victoria in a Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales in Melbourne in 1926. They noted that in 10 hours 30 minutes ie at an incredible rate of 1.76 runs per minute.


Lala Amarnath was the first captain of independent India Test and led India in Australia in 1947. It was an adventurous road and open personality who was not afraid to speak his mind. After his retirement from the game, was appointed to the board of selectors.

  • WHY IS THE RED IN COLOR cricket ball?

The red ball is not always used in cricket these days. During the night cricket matches, a white ball is used. As for the game itself, originated in England, where ambient light levels are very poor. The light is made of seven different colors. The wavelength of red is at least dispersed from its original path while blue is the most scattered. The color red is therefore most of adequate to observe the decrease of light. Indeed, the cricket ball is called the cherry red color. The same explanation applies to the red appearance of the sun at dawn and dusk. In addition, the same logic may explain why the sky and ocean blue.

  • What is special about REDNECK GAMES?

The Redneck Games, entertainment for the not so athletic, held every July in Georgia (USA). Started ten years ago as a parody of 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, which attracted some 15,000 participants this year. The events are unusual and include mudpit bellyflop, swinging leg of pork, a cup center hurling, cigarettes pull, horseshoe Redneck played with toilet seats, seed spitting contest, Spitball insect zapper, long hair contest and the armpit serenade.

  • What is the world's largest swimming pool?

The Natural Buoyancy Laboratory or NBL Sonny Carter Training Facility, known as SCTF near the NASA Johnson Center in Houston, is the world's largest indoor swimming pool. The pool is 62 meters (202 feet) long, 31 meters (102 feet) wide and 12 meters (40 feet) – six meters (20 feet) above ground level and the same distance below the ground. The pool is 22.7 million liters (6.2 million gallons) of water. The pool is used by astronauts to train in conditions similar to zero gravity with specialized methods.

  • WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN billiards, snooker, pool and the side pocket?

The main difference is with respect to the number of balls. In snooker, 22 balls, including white ball striker, are used. The balls of other colors are as follows: 15 red, one yellow, one brown, one blue, one pink, black and green 1 1. In the pool, only three balls are used – white, yellow and red – and both the white and yellow ball can act as the strikers. In the pool, nine ball numbers and stripes stamped on them. Side pocket is not a board game recognized and refers to the corner pockets of the pool table.

  • In rugby, WHY CALCUTTA CUP IS name?
  • WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE TERM 'pattern' in sport?

The origin is in the card games, where a "wild card" means a card with no fixed value, and whose value is assigned dynamically by the player in other games like tennis, the term is used today to refer to a player (or team) to be granted entry to a tournament at the discretion of the committee organizer, despite the player (or team) has not fulfilled strict eligibility criteria. A wildcard is granted to players who are usually young and promising, and belong to the country of origin the term has been used in the above sense since 1950.


'Wooden Spoon' is a phrase that refers to the actions of an individual or a team finishing last in a competition. Sometimes a wooden spoon prize simulated or real is also given to the last contestant coming. The phrase is apparently based on the fact that a wooden spoon is almost value compared to the winner's trophy is made of precious metal. The term originated at the University of Cambridge in which teachers used for hanging spoon timber before students who failed the test.


West Indies consists of several islands, some are independent nations, some other are dependencies or territories. Most were under the dominion of Spain, Britain, France, Denmark or the Netherlands. When introduced cricket in England colonies in the 19th century, wanted to form a single team in the West Indies cricket with representatives of all its colonies there and in British Guiana. The West Indies team was established in 1890 and received the test condition in 1928. It is run by the Cricket Board West Indies, which now represents ten independent and two nations dependent English-speaking Caribbean. Unlike cricket, football developed independently in the West Indies. It is possible that each country of the West Indies in particular, Trinidad and Tobago to participate independently in international football tournaments.

  • WHO has won the most NUMBER OF FENCING TITLES?

Aleksandr Romankov Russia has won the most individual men Fencing World Championship titles – five in 1974,1977,1979,1982 and 1983. However, it was never an Olympic champion. Ildiko SagineRejto has won more Olympic medals in fencing by a woman – seven (two gold, three silver, two bronze).

  • Why Open Australia, French, Wimbledon and the U.S. OPEN open called Grand Slams?

In tennis, a singles player or doubles team is said to have achieved the Grand Slam if they succeed in winning all four titles of these in the same year. These tournaments are therefore also known as the Grand Slam tournaments. The term was first used in 1933 by the American journalist John Kieran. In describing the attempt of that year by Jack Crawford to win all four titles, which compared it to "a grand slam countered and vulnerable on the bridge."

  • WHAT IS THE TRANSFER OF TREE 'in football?

Each football player who plays for a club has a contract with the club for a period of time. After the contract expires and the player moves / transfer to another club, called free transfer and that the latter need not player's former club pay any amount of money.

  • WHERE WAS TWENTY 20 first played?

The Twenty20 format of cricket was first played in 2003 in a match between England and Wales at Lord's in England. It called for a crowd of 26,500. The first match Twenty20 international was played between Australia and New Zealand at Eden Park in Auckland.

  • That was the cricket captain FIRST TEST INDIA team independent?

The cricket legend colorful Lala Amarnath (1911-2000) was the first captain of Test cricket for a separate Indian team. The first series was captain was against Australia, played in Australia in 1947-48. A brilliant all-rounder, he is remembered as the first Indian to score a century of evidence in their opening match against England in Bombay in 1933. It was also the captain who led India to the first test of victory and victory in the series since 1952-1953 when India and Pakistan played a series in India.


Traditionally, white is considered the color of the sport, as it represents purity. Since Wimbledon Championship places great emphasis on tradition insist that players wear only white. Of course, thanks to the teams of some flamboyant players, most notably Andre Agassi, the dress code white fully relaxed to "almost white."

  • WHO is the most expensive footballer?

In 2001, Zinedine Zidane transferred. From the Italian club Juventus to Real Madrid of Spain, in a four-year contract. The transfer rate is $ 66 million, making the most expensive player in history • Foot Ball. The French captain is 34 years old, popularly known as Zizou, is considered one of the best players of this generation. He has said that the two (506 World Cup will be the last in competitive football. He has retired from football club.

  • WHY DO THE SURFACES table tennis rackets have a different color?
  • In football, WHY WHAT THE BEST PLAYER bearing the number 10?

It is not the best player on a team wearing a shirt number 10. It just happens well. In general, the manager and coach training start numbering, from the goalkeeper and then the defenders and so on. Consequently, especially midfielders or forwards have that number. It is completely in line with the strategies and training.

  • Porter scored ALWAYS HAS ANY a goal straight from the 18 yard BOX?

Luis Martinez, the Colombian goalkeeper achieved this feat in a game against Poland on May 30 2006 in a game of World Cup warm-up with Poland.

  • What is the highest speed recorded in a FL EVENT?

The Grand Prize with the highest average speed was the Italian Grand Prix 1971, won by Peter Gethin in a BRM at an average speed of 242.6 km / h in the circuit Monza at the time still had no chicanes. Interestingly, a computer simulation suggests that the current formulas. A car fails to reach a average speed of over 300 km / h in the original circuit. In 1998, the faster the Italian Grand Prix won by Michael Schumacher at an average speed of 237.591 kilometers per hour.

  • HOW 'Walking' different from "RUN" In the Olympics?

When walking, the restriction is that in any time frame you should always keep in touch with the ground. This can only be achieved as soon as possible lift the back foot becomes the front foot on the floor. In this sport, there is no limitation, but in the first method will slow in comparison with the second. m running, press the back foot to get a jump even before your front foot has reached the ground, thus achieving greater speed. In the marathon walk in the Olympics, foot contact is closely monitored and if the visual suggests that the participant has not maintained continuous contact with the ground leads to disqualification.


The word Australia, in the case informally with their three becomes first letters Aus. When Aus or toundfairult.


For the sake of contrast. Although the color of chess pieces may vary, the lighter color is called "white" while the darker color is called "black." The players are called "white players" and "black players, depending on the color of the parts they control.


The full form of BMX is bicycle motocross. It is the sport of racing bicycles specially built in a rough field, cross-country, including the obstacles built. BMX wheels are much smaller in diameter that rotates or Hybrid wheel and the frame is designed to be very small relative to the size of the rider.

  • WHY AUSTRALIA is known as Australia?

Australia is known as' the land of Down Under "by their position in the southern hemisphere. The discovery of Australia began when European explorers sought a land on the continent of Asia. Before Australia was discovered, was called Terra Australis Incognita – unknown southern land. Despite widespread use of the term is rarely used by Australians themselves, many of whom regard it with some derision.


Acrobatic traditions are found in many cultures. In the West, Minoan art from around 2000 BC C. contains representations acrobatics on the backs of bulls, which may have been a religious ritual. In China, acrobatics have been a part of the culture from the Han Dynasty over 2500 years ago. During the Tang Dynasty acrobatics saw the same type of development as European acrobatics lived during the Middle Ages with court displays during the 7th century through 10 dominates practice. The first use of acrobatics as a specific sport at (the Soviet Union in the 1930s and the first world championships were in 1974.

  • WHAT IS THE BODY world's richest sports?

Indian board says it is cricket on track to become the richest sports body in the world. From Sharad Pawar took over as president of the BCCI in November, supported by Vice President Lalit Modi, which is aggressive monitoring of sales and marketing, and former President of BCCI Bihdra Inderjeet Singh, the Under agency has already increased its revenues eight-fold to about $ 1.5 billion.

  • WHITE RIVER RAFTING WHEN DID become a sport?

Canoeing or rafting is an activity Recreational uses a raft to navigate a river or other water bodies. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. In the 1970s, raiting was included in the Olympic Games in Munich. In the 1990s, rafting was included in the Olympic Games in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta Olympic Games (1996). The International Federation of Rafting was instituted in 1997, and the first official international championship was held in 1999.


France is one of the most sportsoriented in the world, considering that nearly two thirds of men and one third of French women are active in at least one sport. On the other hand, France hosts many prestigious international tournaments each year, and France is one of the main winners of gold medals at the Olympics. Although a variety of sports and games are and hosted by France, the most popular sports there are soccer, tennis and cycling. Football has the maximum number of licensed players and is considered by many as the national sport of France. However, cycling and tennis are also known as the national game of France by some others.

  • THAT is the oldest Grand Slam tournament in the tennis?

The Wimbledon Championship, played on grass, is the oldest Grand Slam tournament. It started as an event of fans called the Tennis Championship. The first championship was held in 1877. The other three Grand Slams of tennis are the U.S. Open which began in 1881, the French Open in 1891, and the Australia Open in 1905.

  • What is a dead ball situation in football?

A dead ball situation in football is when the ball is not moving. Is created whenever a foul is committed. A free kick awarded to the respective team to which the failure has been given. There must be a minimum distance of five meters between the ball and the player. Corner kicks and kicks are considered dead ball situations. The possibility to score a goal increases as the distance between the goal and the ball comes down in a dead ball situation.

  • WHY BE HELD IN SPORTS EVENTS left opposite direction?

As we know, the Earth rotates counterclockwise to clockwise, and therefore is much easier to go around a circle in a counter-clockwise during sporting events, including sporting events. Therefore, all events that can be performed in the opposite direction clockwise.

  • What is the world oldest and newest FOOTBALL CLUB?

It is possible that a football-related organization existed in London between 1421 and 1423. The Company records of the Brewers of London, a guild, mention the lease of your living room "for soccer players for 20 pence, under the heading trades and guilds. The list of football players as a fraternity is the first mention of what could be considered a football club. There is evidence that in the 18th century, the English cricket clubs regularly play football in the winter. It has been argued that the Barnes Club (later Barnes Rugby Football Club), Barnes in London, was formed in 1839. However, this has not been conclusively documented.

  • When and where figure skating originate?

Figure skating began in the latter part of 19th century Europe. A master of American ballet Jackson Haines, who lived in Vienna in 1860, added the elements of ballet and dance skating. The first world championship for men was held in St. Petersburg in 1896, followed by the Women's Championship in 1906.

  • WHAT'S The mascot for the Beijing Olympics?

The mascots of the Beijing Olympics are Fuwa (five children). Fuwa, designed to express the playful qualities of five little children who form an intimate circle of friends, embody the natural characteristics of four of the animals Popular China – Beiba (the Fish), Jingjing (panda), Huanhuan (Tibetan antelope), Nini (swallow) and the Olympic Flame. By putting their names together – Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni, they say "Welcome to Beijing."


Special Olympics is an international organization created to assist disabled people with intellectual disabilities develop self-confidence, social skills and a sense of personal accomplishment through sports training and competition. Among its other activities, the operation of the Special Olympics Special Olympics World Games every four years. This year is taking place in China.


A mass shot, a term in the billiards and snooker, is a technique that makes the cue ball to follow a curved path similar to a ball back at the cricket. Mass vaccination is achieved by tilting the axis of the ball so that it rotates within the desired curve, and against the grain of the felt. The forward direction of the ball is carried out by the horizontal angle of the signal. The amount and direction of the return by the vertical angle and point of contact. The force with which the ball is pushed is also crucial. Mass vaccination is a very complicated combination of physics that requires much concentration and practice.

  • WHAT Is a low ultimatum game?

A low ultimatum game is money associated with gambling. A person may offer a sum of money on a non-negotiable to another. The person receiving the cash all know how the other has and how much is being given from the cake. Sometimes, even if the sum of money offered is high, some people, again the fuse because they feel they are being given a very small slice of the pie. Scientists are correlating this seemingly irrational decision to testosterone levels in these men, while making this decision.

  • What is a qualification PROGRESSIVE in chess?

In chess tournaments when two players end up with the same score in the final round, the tie must be broken for classification. Different classification systems follow different rules for such tie-breaker, and FIDE (Federation Internationale des Echecs) or World Chess Federation rating system uses progressive cumulative. Progress score in a round is the score for the outcome of the current more round the progressive result of the previous round have occurred in general, the system tends to reward the early wins and no wins later.

  • What what year was the first played pool?

Although the origin of billiards is lost in history, an account by the Greek traveler Anacarsis suggests that a rudimentary version played by the Egyptians around 400 BC. This form was adopted by the Greeks. billiards The word has its roots in the words billart French "meaning stick, and" Bill ", which means ball. In 1470, the first billiard table was found among the possessions of the French King Louis XI. The first record of how the game was played was in the 15th century began as an indoor version of croquet. The Spanish introduced the American pool in 1565. Shakespeare's use of the word "pool" in your Thony Player and Cleopatra shows that the sport was well known to the Elizabethans.

  • What is special about Europass football?

The Europass is the official ball for the UEFA Euro 2008. The Adidas Europass combines tradition and modernity have a new surface structure allows players to have more control over the ball and direct it perfectly in all weather conditions. The PSC-Texture, consisting of fine structures on the outer surface, guarantees optimum grip between ball and boot. The 12 black dots on the ball contain individual graphic elements which stand for passion, friendship, action, training, fans and win goal. Europass The name symbolizes the connection between Austria and Switzerland, countries hosts of the tournament.

  • When was the first Twenty20 match played?

Twenty20 cricket was first played time in English domestic cricket in 2003, between England and Wales Cricket Board. The first Twenty20 cricket international match was played between Australia and New Zealand on February 17, 2005 at Eden Park, Auckland. Australia defeated New Zealand by 44 runs.

  • CHESS When was the first played as an international match?

Chess was played in 1851 in London as an international tournament. The tournament was conceived and organized by the English player Howard Staunton, and marked the first time that the best chess players in Europe gathered in one event. German Adolf Andersson won the tournament of 16 players, earning him the title of Best Player in Europe.

  • HOW cricketer's batting average to Calculated?

In cricket, the average hitting a player is the total number of runs he has scored divided by the number of times you have been away. Since the number of runs a player scores and how often exits are primarily measures of his ability to play, and largely independent of his teammates, the batting average is a good statistic to describe the ability of each individual player as a hitter. The number is also easy to interpret intuitively, being approximately half of the batter runs scores for tickets.


The board game, now called Snakes and Ladders, originated in ancient India, where he was known Patamu Mokshapat or moksha. It is not known exactly when or who invented it, although it is believed the game is played so early as the second century BC. According to some historians, the game was invented by San Gyandev in the 13th century AD. Originally, ASA used the game was part of moral instruction of children children. The squares in which ladders start each supposed to represent a virtue, and head home a serpent is supposed to represent an evil. The snakes outnumbered the ladders in the original Indian game. The game was brought to England by the colonial rulers in the latter part of the 19th century, with some modifications. The modified game was named Snakes and Ladders and stripped of their moral and religious aspects and the number of stairs and snakes were equalized. In 1943, the game was introduced in the U.S. under the name of Snakes and Ladders.

  • WHAT IS A BALL Carrom in cricket?

It is a form of bowling. The ball is held between the thumb, index and middle finger, and instead of a release Typically, the ball pops out of the fingers. It could result in an off-break, a leg-break, googly or Carrom Like, you never know where the ball will land.

  • Who invented the board game SNAKES AND LADDERS?

A Sanskrit name for Snakes and Ladders Parama Pada Sopanen Patam'-means that the graph shows the stairs leading to the final state. Such blockprinted graphics on rough paper were sold at fairs or marketstreets leading to the front door of the temples of southern India. An important aspect of the game is that when you reach the higher stage of spiritual attainment, only a few drops of the dice will entitle you to move to the next house, illustrating the difficulty of spiritual practice required to achieve moksha, final liberation. The game was a way to teach young people a fun way, the principles of ancient Indian thought in adequate living.

  • WHO is the youngest Olympic gold medalist?

The youngest individual Olympic gold medalist is Marjorie Gestring of the United States. Was 13 and 268 days old when she won the gold medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in the 3m springboard diving competition. In 1940 and 1944 Olympic Games was not held due to World War II, had no chance to defend their title. An interesting aspect about his victory is that Adolf Hitler was seen. Marjorie Gestring was also inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame and a Hall of Fame of Stanford Athletics. He returned in the London Olympics in 1948. Danish swimmer Inge Sorensen won the bronze medal in the 200 m breaststroke, 12, 24 days. She is still competing youngest to win an Olympic medal in an individual event.

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