Alaska And Cruises

February 15, 2009 2:49 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska and cruises

The division of Alaska cruise Executives

Alaska is the perfect destination for cruising, even for non-cruise! The advantage is a continuous view of nature at its best. There are opportunities to venture into the ground at each stop. You can book the ship visits, or whether they are really independent, do you research before you go, decide what you want to see and do and plan yourself. There are plenty of independent guides that can take you around if you do not feel like be with your cruise companions. Personally, for Alaska, I always recommend an outside cabin without a balcony. This is a personal choice, but something spectacular on waking and looking out the window to see these magnificent glaciers.

Before you go, be sure to research the time of year and destinations / ports visited with care. There are round-trip "Inside Passage" cruises, which are usually the least expensive, are 7 days and begin and end at the same port. This sounds easy and especially for a first timer, but I understand, you may not see as much as you would if you decide to start a port and go either to south or north bound to end in a different port. Families tend to prefer these cruises because they are easier to travel wise. A typical round-trip Alaska Leaving the port of Seattle or Vancouver and spends the first day cruising the Inside Passage. Then visit 3 or 4 of the following places like Juneau, Glacier Bay and Ketchikan, Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, depending on the ship and departure.

When to go: The cruise will be less expensive when it is a little colder. Alaska is 60-70 degrees in July and August, while it may be a little colder, but cheaper in May and September, which will be in the 50s and 60s. A perfect example a large amount in the colder months, is a find for $ 699, 7nights which includes a cabin with a window. This in particular is out in May.

Specialty Cruises: If you are interested in good food and wine during your adventure in Alaska, we find a cruise Gastronomy and wine at the height of the season (July 27), which is still available. This cruise is $ 1475, but includes two sessions culinary tasting special wines, private parties and receptions room, etc. It is a cruise roundtrip from Seattle.

Reservations for these cruises, it is easy to only look at the price, however, it is important to investigate the ports and see what is included in the quoted rates – including port charges are there? Is there onboard credit? What are the extras?

Another company knows that some of the best deals in the business of Alaska: Mi Cruise Getaway sometimes offers up to 75% off Alaska cruises.

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