Alaska Airport Limo

December 23, 2008 3:18 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska airport limo
Did you hear that Governor Palin birth to her fifth child after giving a speech in Texas?

Gov. Palin is incredible. Governor Palin Austin Tx was to give a speech. The labor pains started the same way was introduced to speak, she spoke for an hour and a half and then took a limousine to airport. Just after takeoff, her water broke! The pilot quickly flew back to Juneau as Alaska Governor Palin ArrivĂ­ six hours later, sat in his car to take him home. On the way home saw a moose stood still, hunted down and shot stone dead Moose. Then she pulled out a 9-inch hunting knife, Moose and made casts Mooseburgers for dinner. Then he got back into his car, stopped to chat with the postman and finally – who came to the hospital and had the baby! I love Gov. Sarah Palin!

If and when the diaper changed change.What found a story.

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