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Airlines baggage rates to be expensive

When I booked my trip weekend trip to Arizona, I was not aware that my favorite airline had review started charging money for his back. Of course, airlines have always charged for extra bags, but most airlines have flown past have always allowed at least no one checked bag.

It was only after I bought and paid for my flight I realized refundable Alaska Airlines is now charging for any and all checked bags. They are obviously feeling the pressure and are trying to achieve one of the two objectives – (1) reduce costs or (2) generate additional revenue. Among the economic downturn and rising fuel costs, it had to happen sooner or later. Seeing as I was only a trip a few days in this particular trip and I am a light packer, I did not care too much. I'm packing my bags in hand luggage.

It turns out that Alaska Airlines is a cargo airline for stocks. In fact, JetBlue and Southwest are the only national U.S. companies do not charge for checked bags. Prices range from $ 15 to $ 25 for a first piece of checked baggage, $ 25 to $ 30 for a second round marked, and about $ 100 for third checked bag. Need to check 6 bags on a flight? You will be paying $ 600 for the sixth bag on Delta Air Lines. (No, this is not an error.)

As I boarded the plane, I soon realized that was not the only trying to save money by packing my bags in my forward. As it turns out, more and more people are carrying hand luggage and use storage in the cabin. The flight attendant interviewed said this was the part of her job she dislikes the most. Since the change, she has noticed a huge increase in hand luggage. There is often not enough storage is up and customers have to put your luggage under the seat in front of them. "This is particularly frustrating for passengers and staff airline, "he says. He adds:" It is unlikely that will change any time soon. The cost of the bags is probably here to stay. "

For me, I do not mind paying for checked baggage. I am a firm believer in pay-per-use paradigm. If I have to check a bag, I'll pay the $ 15 or more. The Most of the time, I will not be a bag of control is likely to travel up to a week with the current allowable limits on luggage … for now. Moreover, not having checked bags means you can sometimes ask if there are seats on flights out before reaching their destination as soon as possible.

For a complete list of national airline and its baggage fees, please visit the Table of checked luggage fees in, a Priceline and Hotwire Website Help, blog and forum.

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