Alaska Airline Vacation

May 7, 2008 3:03 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska airline vacation
It is a week long enough to enjoy a holiday (with flight)?

Its about $ 300 for me to fly from Washington to California. It is expensive, because their destination is a small airport, not LAX. That's return. I did not realize that prices go up every day. Alaska Airlines is the selection. I was thinking in 10-11 days could be better, but Dang! What should I do to get the best out of it? I fly to do so by Mon at 4:30 pm and leave the following Mon. by 10am. So, really, is 6 days. I had not planned it months in advance. It was really a final decision minutes. Overall, I would like going out to eat with my family, being with him, go to a concert, go to the amusement park, relax and feel far from home for a period of time.

A week distance always beats a week at home if you ask me! I have taken many and never regretted it. Above all I do to know what to see and do and not trying to put everything in it, and should take at least one or two days to relax by the pool or beach. As for what to do, depending on where you're headed. The best way to get the most out of it is knowing what is in the area to see and do. Get a guide at Barnes and Noble or Borders or a local bookstore tomorrow, read about the area, and take from there. Most have suggestions on what to do if you have limited time. Have a great time!

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