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December 7, 2007 12:19 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

How many airline miles it takes to go round tip of Alaska Airlines?

People always say it is 20 k to go round tip with award reservations, but for some reason right now says 40 k from Fairbanks to Boston, but I thought it would be 20 k. Does this change in the summer? Any advice about getting a cheap ticket from Fairbanks to Boston from 7-23-08 to 8-23-08 or some time …. Thanks for the help

The number of miles required to book award that trip will depend on the "class" of ticket you get, specifically the class of ticket you get. As these are going fast on a flight determined, the 40K which is probably seeing online is perhaps due to a "Coach Peak" ticket is the only type that flight. To get your flight 20k has a couple of options: 1) try another airline that will take your miles, such as American Airlines. One of its flights are usually about 25k miles. 2) try another day, as the middle of the week, when they are more likely to be able to find one available, "Coach Saver" ticket. As this season high, however, you may have some trouble getting it. Other suggestions for finding that cheap trip, go to, which searches all online travel companies at the best prices. They have some great deals. Also see if you can "add" a hotel room or something in Boston in order to get a cheap flight + Hotel package. This can be a great way to save money. Good luck, safe journey! Http:// Traveler

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