Alaska Air Travel

May 18, 2008 3:58 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska air travel
I, m planning a trip to Hawaii – no experience with first-class travel on Alaska Airlines?

I am planning a trip to Hawaii for me and 80 years age my father. Since it is a very long flight from Orlando FL to Maui I travel first class. I've done several searches multiple travel sites and the best first class, I can find is in Alaska Airline. It is not just a little cheaper than other airlines is much cheaper that causes me some concern for quality. Does anyone have experience Alaska Air flight? On all first class. What Does everyone think. The recommendations for Alaska Air or another airline? Thanks – you all gave excellent answers. I wish I could choose all as best answer. " I am choosing the best reply all because I was asking for any personal experience. For the other two – I wish I could give him extra points because their answers were very helpful.

Alaska the airlines is pretty good in my experience. When traveling in first class that will provide the handsets of free car DVD entertainment, more great and everything you would expect from first class. They have early boarding assistance if you need it. And the staff is (again in my experience) been very helpful and friendly. My only thought would check the size of the aircraft as the flow to its destination in Hawaii. Some of the youngest aircraft fleet in Alaska Airlines do not have the same settings first class cabin, but I'm pretty sure it must be the maps on the website to prove it. And be sure to mail address below if you have any special considerations for major can be accommodated.

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