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May 21, 2009 1:34 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska adventure travel
Stolen Moments … what is the maximum distance ever traveled by a booty call?

a long distance relationship, a little adventure unpleasant, a secret affair, one thing the Internet the first contact, military post, whatever the situation, your partner was miles and miles away, but as just be with them … where u went? How did you manage that? and worthwhile? I flew from California to Anchorage, Alaska in December amid a snow storm to be with a man for a weekend .. The pilot actually had to land the plane by the team, as there was no visibility. it was a plane jumpseating i load it on …. I worked for Overnite air freight company, employees have to fly for free anywhere …… I always remember him (and him) as one of the best moments I've had. It is totally illogical, immoral and totally self-indulgent. and i wouldnt trade that memory for any thing! So what's the story?

I took him from Miami to New Jersey to visit a former high school gf … not me she was pregnant and had a BF until I got there ..

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