Alaska Adventure Cruise

April 7, 2008 8:31 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

alaska adventure cruise

There is something for everyone in Alaska

Alaska has been a favorite of lovers of cruises for many years. Many cities and sites are inaccessible by road, and offers cruise passengers to many natural wonders that can not be seen from land. More than 750,000 cruise passengers who sail the waters of Alaska during the short season cruise of five months, attracted by the prospects of magnificent glaciers, charming small towns, and all kinds of wildlife.

The sheer ease Cruise travel is one of the reasons for its popularity. You take in the scenery of his ship, disembarking to visit the ports of call or participate in sports activities.
This compares with less than 40,000 who visit Antarctica during the cruise season short. Sixteen major cruise lines will send ships over 40 other than Alaska, which vary in size from 12 passengers to over 2600! Ships sailing roundtrip from Vancouver or Seattle to Southeast Alaska Panhandle. Cruises usually include the famous Glacier Bay National Park, home to 16 magnificent glaciers.

More than ever, cruise sailing the waters of Alaska. Alaska is a destination cruise which is very high on the list of most cruise lovers. Alaska cruise season is generally May to September, although some smaller ships launched in April. May and September are considered the low season, when lower prices and more aggressive discounts offered.

Summer is the season major holiday in the Northwest, and many non-cruisers also choose to head to this beautiful part of the world. Cruises go to Alaska to see the magnificent mountains, beautiful bays and wonderful wildlife.

Many cruise realized that if I love you nature, you might be able to appreciate more in a small boat. There is a wonderful variety of small boats sailing to Alaska, and each has something special to offer cruise lovers. Small or alternative vessels are best suited for People who prefer a casual experience, free public offering passengers the opportunity to get up close and personal with Alaska's natural environment and wildlife.

In addition, the megaships look and feel like floating resorts. Grande in brightness, which offer plenty of activities, attracting many families and elderly, provide luxury casinos and fully equipped gyms, and provide a wide variety of food and entertainment options.

In recent years, the number of Alaska shore excursions and activities available to cruise passengers has doubled. Today, the options on the coast are focusing more than ever in adventure and outdoor activities: kayaking, biking, sleigh rides, rafting and fishing are possible in the scenic wilderness of this great state, with excursions traditional focus on the culture and history.

Juneau, the capital of Alaska, has a great variety of things to see and do. A number of memorials are situated along the seafront promenade and the famous Red Dog Saloon is near state and city museums and government buildings are a short walk, with shops on along the road.

Mendenhall Glacier, 20 minutes drive from downtown, is the largest glacier accessible to any city in the Inside Passage. Active adventure abound in Juneau. This is an excellent place for whale watching, wildlife watching, kayaking and rafting. Some whale watching companies actually offer reimbursement cash if you do not see a humpback whale during his tour.

Sitka, on Baranof Island, has one of the most picturesque of any port in Alaska. Sitka is the former Russian capital of Alaska, which combines native culture, the history of Russia and Alaska.

Famous for the Gold Rush, Skagway appears on the National Register Historic Places. Skagway is known as the "Garden City of Alaska." Gardening enthusiasts should visit Jewell Gardens, including a siege of the city miniature trains within the gardens. Gold Rush Cemetery is a fascinating place just steps from the city.

Every spring and summer, a show unlike flowers anything else on earth – Alaska cruise means thundering glaciers, temperate rainforests rugged coastlines, majestic peaks, wildlife, and more.

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