Adventure Alaska Cruise Private Vacation

May 23, 2008 9:57 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

adventure alaska cruise private vacation

The fruit of life and practice by design

As some of you know, has been a very special stretch of days. My most recent of many adventures new life began with a cross-country flight to Seattle, and the start of an incredible journey. This is how it all began.

My father, now has 84 years, has been raving about Alaska since met him 35 years ago while dating my wife, Patti. He spent a considerable time, while here in the Navy, and even here during the great earthquake of 64. That experience stayed with him throughout life. I can not tell you how many times we said that we to go to Alaska. Now, this is from someone who has worked and traveled the world extensively.

In 2007, remember, my brothers and my dad took me back Ireland. That was a great trip where we rented a house on a farm of 130 acres and traveled all around one third of the country. Immediately after that trip, Patti father promised to take us back to Alaska. So here I am!

Our first night aboard, the sun just before 10, and the last light was about 11. Patti and I saw all this from the Skywalker Lounge on the cover 17 of the Star Princess.

We beat our cabin right after the last light, and the waves rocked us to sleep right away. First there was light too soon. I think it was around 3:00 a.m. or what you first notice the orange sky by morning looks out through the curtains. About 430 AM, I was just the gentle touch of calm water along the hull of the Star Princess, rather than exaggerated implantation the sea two days earlier.

So I ran to the machine, and I was totally unprepared as we opened the curtains on our balcony. The view was incredible. No, it was surreal.

Quite a cruise magnificently beautiful early morning along the Inside Passage on the arm of Tracy Endicott. Stay with me here.

We awoke to snow-capped mountain ranges in the distance, frozen waterfalls by cliffs, icebergs increased occasional sea lions on them, the cry of bald eagles overhead and the masthead lights dimming in the pilot boat ahead. After a three hours on the arm of Endicott with a huge glacier clear view, the captain turned the 951-foot vessel on its axis within the channel width of 1,200 meters height. Unbelievable.

And that was just the beginning of a day. I spent the afternoon on a trip of 50 miles on a Harley around Ketchikan, then capped the day back board with drinks on the upper deck and sailed to Juneau and Skagway.

So doctor, what is my point?

Planning and implementation of all these life-changing experiences are by design.

The scheduled time off is one of the six who have planned holidays in a stretch of 12 months. All these are compatible with office systems we continuously improve to function well even in my absence.

Patti designed each Part Alaska trip after about 90 days of research, reading and meetings with travel agents. At this time, we continue to plan and design your holiday Mr. willing good and right for years to come.

However, none of this would have happened if not for 27 years in practice, a large and now, two years and counting, working with you all.

Again, this only became possible because progressively redesigned my personal goals around my view of life and how he intended to live and not vice versa.

I'm really living the American dream. Introduction to nothing, like most of us all, and continually redesigned to achieve a plan change, but the progressive goals.

Being in private practice, a huge piece This plan is a fairly large practice at every stage of your life to fully support the life you want.

Fully understand that you may not be living this kind of life without the support and encouragement of those who love and believe in us. This includes in particular to their patients and staff.

And by the grace of God, is appreciated more every day that goes by the gift of life and hard work, but each new year smarter.

When the practice of design like this, you will have patients you bring gifts before leaving his travels, I can not wait to see the photos and stories back home again. Personal misses you while you're there, because despite all the things "in the office, one of our main rules of the game is always fun to be in practice.

And the cool thing is that you can do all this too.

I know because many of our senior clients are working every day with us in this design process.

You can too. These are skills to learn. No, not always easy, but the results are so worth it.

If you really want a great life, design and implement a plan for a richer personal life. Then, each passing year, a fabulous practical support their dreams.

Understand, not backward!

Many papers constantly, accumulating "things" but as they themselves often tell me, have 'no life. "

Doctor, you can have both.

But only if the design practice.

Anyway, I want you may stumble with lessons of life here as I share these, my travel life.

Doctor, Living with purpose and passion for design!

About the Author

Dr. John Hayes, Jr. is an Evvy Award Nominee and author of Living and Practicing by Design. To know more about his unique approaches to private practice success, visit and register for a FREE CD and Info Pack.

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