Advantages For Drilling For Oil In Alaska

June 7, 2008 8:05 PM | Alaskan Photo Tours

advantages for drilling for oil in alaska
Please help me with my homework about Alaska Geography!?

pls help me! I do not know where are the good websites of these questions: 1. A diagram and a brief explanation of how oil is drilled in Alaska. 2. Why is it difficult to transport oil in Alaska. 3. photos labeled and written decriptions Trans Alaska Pipeline. 4. What are the advantages of the pipeline in Alaska (economic, social and environmental) 5. Same as above, but disadvantages 6. Mapes websites, diagrams and photos of the Alaska pipeline. Thank you soo much! these are the most difficult questions of my hwk! and I really had to simplify a lot! were at least 1 / 3 of an A4 sheet!

1. Http: / / / oil-drilling.htm 2 and 3: 4. This has good connections to 4 a 5 too: http://www. / WGBH / amex / pipeline / tguide / index.html 6. *: IE-search box and RLZ = & q =% 1I7ADBR Alaska 20pipeline% 20System & um = 1 & ie = UTF-8 & sa = N & tab = wi

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