Adapter Plug Converter

April 30, 2009 2:17 AM | Alaskan Photo Tours

Adapter Plug Converter
Do I need a power/voltage converter or just a plug adapter?

My HP-110 Mini power cord shows : Input 110-240V. Do I need a voltage converter or just the plug adapter to use in Hong Kong? My power cord is 3-pronged. HP Support didn’t know the answer! HELP!!!

No you should be OK. Some countrys have 110/115/120V current as the standard like the US. Others use 220/240V especially in Europe. Hong Kong is 220V 50 Hz. i just looked it up.

Now having said that, I still cannot understand why HP tech support would not know the answer to that. If it were me I would call them back and ask that this be escalated to a supervisor. I think you got a dumb or new person…

My concern is that if you fry the computer and try to get it repaired under warranty, as unlikely as that is, they will claim abuse and refuse to honor the warranty. I am assuming you have the standard brick type power adapter like my Lenovo netbook and all notebooks. There may be circuitry in the power supply which “fixes” the current, that would not be a surprise to me. This should be in the documentation that came with the computer. But I would call HP back and make them give you a yes/no answer and get the name of the person you spoke to as well as a ticket number and keep that info just in case.

Good luck and enjoy your trip.

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